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This is my Longboard page

This page has mostly photos of longboards i also have some links to Longboard webpages i am going to get a longboard soon like sometime this month or early july so i cant realy say anything about longboarding but i figured that i should make a page im going to get a Santa Cruz 50" longboard with Independent Stage7 9" trucks 72mm Moon Rover wheels Lil hardware Lucky bearing and dooks short stack risers longboard are for cruzin or luseing i have no idea how to spell that i have seen some tricks on them the even have longboards with motors so just check out the pic and guess what i figured how to get my photos on the web so in the next month i should have some pics of me and my buddys ok after your done checking out this page go back and sign my guest book if you havent already did so thankyou and enjoy P.S. I KNOW THIS PAGE SUCKS IM NOT DONE YET I JUST GET OFF TRACK

Your longboard is " Long now thats a longboard just kiding this is the page hits