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Here are some weed slang words and pics

What   is   MARIJUANA


 Marijuana is the name generally given to Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana grows all over the
 globe. Marijuana is, under the Canadian legal code "A cannabis plant that contains more
 than 0.03%THC". When smoked the plants THC enters the blood stream and increases
the blood/oxygene level. This and ONLY this is what will make you stoned. The more THC
  that you take the higher your blood's oxygene level gets. Marijuana is illegal in every
                       country in the world except Holland. 

                     KILLING MYTHS

   -Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Smoking marijuana in no way affects your brain
                            phisically or chemically. 

     -Marijuana does not have any long term effects. Extensive research at Harvard
     University has concluded that the smoking of marijuana has NO LONG TERM

 -You can not over dose on marijuana. Your body can tolerate a 9.3% THC level before it
 shuts down. That means you would have to smoke TWICE your body weight in one hour to
 overdose. Smoking twice your body weight would mean if you weigh 75 pounds you would
                have to smoke 150 pounds of marijuana in one hour.


  Hemp is the name given to Cannabis Indgma ( pronounced in-dige-ma). Hemp grows all
over the globe. Hemp is VERY rich in fiber. Hemp can produce four times as much fiber as
  trees. Hemp is leagal in every country in the world except the United States of America.
                             Yes even in canada. 

How To Get Stoned

                    There are many different ways of getting stoned.
                             Here are some we like.


If you have never done weed before, We suggest the first time you do it, you should do it in a pipe.
It should work great. It won't hurt your lungs that much. 


If you have already somked a few joints in your past, and getting used to it, you should really try
blades! Wow! These are amazing! We love them best. This is how ya do it.

You will need:

-Two butter knifes (try to get ones with plastic or bone handles)
-A stove with the quils that heat up. (not the fancy laser ones or whatever) Or a torch.
-An empty 600ML or 2L platic pop bottle
-Something to cut the pop bottle with
-An empty house...
-Around 1 gram of weed

What to do with it:

-Turn the stove on MAX and put the two butter knifes under the last two quils of the element. (The
thing ya put your pots n' pans on)
-Start to role small balls out of the weed. Make them this big --> 0 (exactly)
-Put the weedlings (the balls) on the stove, next to the element.
-Cut the pop bottle close to the top, but not to close. Around 4 inches down from neck. Use this as
the hooter.
-Wait until the ends of the butter knifes turn red, or seem very hot. -Take the butter knifes out, and
pick up one weedling with the end of the blade. Be very careful. If you don't get it in 5 tries, but the
knifes back under the element.
-When you get the weedling stuck to the blade, put the other blade over it. Bring it up under the
hooter (the cut pop bottle) and squish the blades together.
-Inhale as much as you can, hold it in as long as you can. Exhale... 

You may caugh for a while, but it's worth it. You won't even need that many weedlings to get you
super high. This is much better if you have two people. One person can "brew" the blades for you,
then you switch.
What I heard (from some weird-o test) is that if you caugh a lot, it means that you
will feel or get much higher. And the longer you hold the smoke in the higher you'll get too.
So, uhhmmm.. Just remember that!


Well, all we got to say is that you have become one of us.
We suggest this for a night of fun.

-5 to 8 weedlings (blades)
-1 to 3 joint(s)
-2 to five grams
-1 duel chamber water bong

That will make you feel great! 

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